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Welcome to U Hill!  We are a diverse Christian community, seeking to grow in faith, and participate in God's world-renewing work in Jesus.  As a congregation, we want to serve and love the campus community around us, attentive to what God is calling us to do, in this time and place.  We are striving to be a community in which all are welcome.  Although we surely do that imperfectly, our goal is to grow in Christ-likeness--to grow in the love and grace that breaks down boundaries, so that everyone can know the abundant life for which we believe all people are created. 

We worship every Sunday at 10:30. We would love for you to join us!


The Five Marks of the Church shape our congregation's life


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Our Children's Ministry is an important part of who we are, as we seek to pass on the story and practices of our faith!


The United Church Campus Ministry is called United Chapel. We're striving to create open, welcoming spaces where people engaged in campus life can seek, grow, and be nurtured in Faith


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The Salt of the Earth: CHristian Seasons Calendar is one of the ways that we work to align our lives with the Way Jesus. THis unique calendar follows the Christian year (based on the life of Jesus and the birth of the CHurch), starting in Advent, rather than the Roman Calendar.


Salt of the earth Daily Devotional:
We have created a daily devotional for each day of the Christian year, based on the Lectionary texts for each Sunday. Our hope is that as we pray and reflect together, we will be shaped according to the pattern of Christ, for the sake of the world. Join us!


Ministries and  Partners:
We recognize that as a COngregation we are just one part of CHrist's Body. We strive to work alongside other ministries and organizations  to serve GOd's world.